About Our Company

Founded by Mr Jerry Toh and Mr John Toh. As both of their names started with a 'J'. They decided to name the company J&J. Incorporated in 2012, J&J  also known as J&J Event Management was one of the fastest growing event companies in Singapore. The company built such a good reputation and got themselves associated with People Associate. In order to preserve the quality service, J&J Event Management oversee all projects organization, operations and set up equipment meticulously.

As a company, J&J is constantly vigilant with the ever changing business landscape to stay ahead of the competition. In 2013, the company restructured its team to tailor a one-stop service catered to both major and minor events.

In recent years, J&J Event Management popularity among Singapore local have been a topic as many seek to attend the event organized by this company. To meet the growing demands of event projects, the company provide various services such as planning, coordinating, furnishing ( tables, chairs etc.), tentages ( air-conditioned, aluminium etc. ), stage ( podium ), lighting, sound system, programs and even food.